Thursday, May 18, 2017


Similarly to Chumel Torres, Carmen Aristegui is a no-holds-barred Mexican journalist who has been openly critical of the Mexican government, despite the dangerous side to this profession.

A prominent name in the Mexican media, Aristegui is known for being honest and frank about the state of affairs in Mexico, and reporting on elected officials' corruption and hidden affairs.

She was also one of the leading voices in reporting the Lydia Cacho case against Puebla governor Mario Marín.

She has her own show on CNN en Español, which has the same impact as Chumel Torres' "El Pulso de la Republica" and Jorge Ramos's "America with Jorge Ramos": because of their contributions, Mexicans have the assurance that they are receiving honest news.  Aristegui has said in interviews that she is not afraid to be persecuted by the government or by the cartels, because the country deserves to be told the truth.

Despite being hit many times with carried-out threats of censorship, Carmen Aristegui continues to be the voice of millions of oppressed Mexicans across the country.

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