Monday, May 15, 2017


Jose Manuel "Chumel" Torres has been called Mexico's response to Jon Stewart, which is fitting, considering it was Stewart's "The Daily Show" that inspired him to start his webshow, "El Pulso de la República".

Translating to "the pulse of the republic", El Pulso is a YouTube webseries in which Torres reports on world news--although he focuses most on that of Mexico--to his near-two million subscribers, using humor and colloquial speech to make the news accessible and understandable.

Torres was very vocal during the 2016 Presidential election of the United States, supporting Bernie Sanders (although he expressed he didn't believe Americans were united enough to bring him to victory) and rejecting Trump's racist comments about Mexico every time they arose.

Chumel's "El Pulso de la Republica" is such a vital part to the Mexican media, envied by many journalists on TV, because of this platform:

It is no secret that being a journalist in Mexico is one of the most dangerous professions, considering the threat of corrupt politicians or active drug cartels, and while Torres has expressed his fear of pushing his boundaries, it is through his YouTube channel that many Mexicans, and many viewers around the world, can listen to the news without fear of any hidden agendas.

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