Monday, May 15, 2017


Unfortunately, the cultural disenfranchisement of women is not a thing solely reserved for Mexico: it is also a severe problem in many countries around the world, where women experience emotional, physical, and sexual violence, some on a daily basis.

In 2013, Taproot India, an ad agency (now called Dentsu India), created a series of images in collaboration with Save Our Sisters, an organization created with the intention to raise awareness to and stop sex-trafficking around the world.  Through these images, they aspired to bring to light the increasing problem of physical violence against the women of India.

The images were created by photographing models painted as hyperrealistic versions of goddesses of Hinduism, like Lakshmi and Durga, with visible wounds and bruises on their faces and body.  The reason the Hindu goddesses were chosen to depict the increasing problem of physical violence in India was because the ad agency noticed there was a large contradiction in the culture and religion, that which is meant to revere women, but treats them violently in real life.

These images are so impactful because they have the power to be far-reaching, as well as increasing the visibility of women who are suffering, but have no voice to do so, a problem that reaches even wider that simply Mexico or India.

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